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Hi, welcome to FostaParty!

FostaParty is a one-for-one, 501(c)(3) non-profit, event planning service that provides free birthday parties for children in the foster care system.
how it works

how it works


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FostaParty is contacted as a party planning service by a sponsoring family. 


The sponsoring family is paired with a foster family. ​​


FostaParty throws a dream party for the sponsor family. The profits from the event allows for FostaParty to throw the foster family a free party!


The gift of a birthday party helps foster children create positive memories and a knowingness that they are not a burden, but are loved and valued by the people around them.
Learn more about FostaParty here.
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Want to get involved with FostaParty? Check out our gift guide to give back this holiday season!
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