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Khira Patel

CEO & Founder

“FostaParty is the culmination of everything I love and care about. Every day I work on FostaParty, I am reminded of my warm friendship with my mentee who went through the foster care system. I am inspired by my teammates, the volunteers, and the communities that pour their hearts and energy into a common cause. I am able to channel my creative spirit and inner child while dreaming up party plans. And lastly, through FostaParty, I am hopeful for the opportunity to break through a broken system, educate others, and spread love to the kids that need it the most.”


Alaine Cooney

Creative Chair & Social Media

"I was compelled to join FostaParty because I saw the opportunity to educate myself about the brokenness within the foster care system. I wanted to be apart of the solution by having a positive influence in the lives of these young kids."


Chloe Rice

Finance & Operations Officer

“I joined FostaParty because I am passionate about providing children with positive experiences while increasing awareness for the foster care system. I am committed to streamlining FostaParty’s business processes and ensuring organizational sustainability so our amazing team can continue to serve the children of our community.”


Isabella Droz

Creative Chair & Web Development

"I decided to join Fostaparty within my Women in Entrepreneurship class because I thought the idea was unique and impactful from the start. Hearing Khira’s story on how she started FostaParty and her passion for this subject was passed to me and inspired me as much as it inspires her. Previously I had never been involved in a venture with a massive social impact as FostaParty and this is one of the main things that caught my attention. I could not pass up on the opportunity to be a part of getting children the celebratory events they deserve throughout their childhood."


Ayla Musharrif

Business Development & Sales

“When I joined the women in entrepreneurship class I was looking for a venture that created social change. I found that impact with FostaParty that was educating the community about the foster care system a birthday party at a time. After hearing Khira’s story and learning more about the foster care system I fell in love with the mission and knew that I wanted to join the team. I hope that we can create a positive dent for foster children and educate those around us.” 


Malyne Wilkins

Foster Relations & Partnerships Coordinator

“I want to work for organizations that serve the underserved. FostaParty offered me that opportunity to help Foster kids have a positive childhood, despite their circumstances, I wouldn’t have a chance to do anywhere else.”

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